Contact Details at IWA Head Office

head_officeThe Inland Waterways Association's Head Office is based at Chesham in Buckinghamshire.

Postal Address: Island House, Moor Road, Chesham, HP5 1WA
(Visitors by appointment only please)

Telephone: 01494 783453

Head Office Staff can be contacted using or use the contact form.

Neil Edwards
Chief Executive
extn 609. 
Overall responsibility for all campaign and operational matters, Essex Waterways, insurance (for corporate members) and personnel.

Member Support

Tracy Higgin
Administration Manager
extn 601. 
Day-to-day running of the Head Office at Chesham, including overall responsibility for IWA’s member and supporter database.  Support for the chief executive and trustees.
Joni Duncan
Membership Officer

extn 603.
All membership matters, address records, magazine and newsletter distribution and mailing lists, etc.
Rachel Bryant
Membership Assistant
extn 600.
Assisting with all membership matters.
Kelly Gascoine
Administration Assistant - Part time
extn 600/603. 
Admin support for all teams.

Finance and Sales

Eileen Holland
Finance Manager
extn 613. 
All Finance Committee matters, and financial issues across the Association and subsidiary companies, including budgets, accounts, etc. 
Paula Smith 
Assistant Finance Manager - part time
extn 614.  Outward payments for all parts of IWA, including WRG and festivals, and subsidiary companies, plus inward remittances and banking.
Helen Walker
Finance Assistant
extn 612. 
Branch and region accounts, banking arrangements, WRG accounts, plus website and orders.

Volunteer, Branch Support, WRG and Restoration

Jenny Morris
Restoration Hub & Volunteers Co-ordinator
extn 611.  
Restoration Hub, Waterway Recovery Group and all national committees (except Finance and subsidiary companies).  Health & Safety throughout IWA and subsidiaries.
Alex Melson
Assistant Volunteers Coordinator
extn 607.
Support for WRG and other waterway restoration work across the Association.
Nicola Kiely
Volunteer Support Officer
extn 610.
Supporting IWA volunteers including branches, regions and Canal Camps.

Mikk Bradley
Technical Support Officer
extn. 604
Supporting WRG and waterway restoration groups, providing technical and Health and Safety advice.

Oonagh Browne
Media & Campaigns Officer
extn. 604
Media and campaigns for IWA's Restoration Hub.

Marketing, Website and Communications

Alicen Stenner
Marketing Manager
extn 605.
Management of IWA's marketing strategy and activities.
Gemma Bolton 
Assistant Marketing Manager
extn 617. 
Management of IWA's web sites; design and production of electronic and printed material, press releases, other mailings and social media.
Jo Henderson
Campaigns & Media Officer
extn 618.
Raising awareness and managing IWA's campaigns as well as devising and implementing media strategies to support our campaigns.

Summer Howard
Graphic Designer
extn 616.
Creative design of IWA's displays, printed literature and digital graphics.
Alison Smedley 
Policy & Campaigns Officer
extn 619. 
Managing IWA's navigation and parliamentary campaigns, secretariat for IWA Navigation Committee and co-ordinating other national policy and campaign work.


Ellen Hawes
Fundraising Officer
extn 602.
Responsible for co-ordinating IWA's fundraising activities including grant applications, appeals, lotteries and sponsored events.

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