National Committee Members

See below or follow relevant links for membership of IWA's national committees and boards of subsidiary companies:

Finance Committee

See Finance Committee members.

See Finance Committee roles and responsibilities.

Corresponding Member:

Mike Palmer

Investment Working Group (a sub-committee of Finance Committee)

David Carrington
Mike Dyer
Andrew Overy
Nick Parker

Marketing Committee

See Marketing Committee members

See Marketing Committee roles and responsibilities.

Events Committee
Barbara Bridge
John Butler
Peter Carter
Jane Elwell (chairman)
Mike Elwell   
Dave Hearnden 
Maria Hearnden 
Chris Jennings
Mike Moorse  
Alicen Stenner
Steve Taylor
Gill Webber

David Venn (Corresponding Member) 

Navigation Committee

See Navigation Committee members

See Navigation Committee roles and responsibilities.

Corresponding Members:

Tony Davis
Phil Sharpe
David Stevenson
Roy Sutton
Adam Wylie

Remuneration Committee

See Remuneration Committee members

See Remuneration Committee roles and responsibilities.

Waterway Recovery Group

See Waterway Recovery Group members  

See Waterway Recovery Group roles and responsibilities.

Essex Waterways Limited Board

See Essex Waterways Board members

Committee Roles

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