Marketing Committee

Membership and Chairman

A maximum of 12, who are members of IWA and who have particular knowledge and/or skills, or a particular interest in marketing the Association and its work.  

Appointment of members

All committee members are subject to formal appointment by the Board of Trustees.  The chairman is appointed, re-appointed or replaced by the Board of Trustees.

Term of office

Three years from date of appointment.


The Committee advertises for new members and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Format and frequency of meetings

The Committee normally meets six times a year.

Meetings may take place by electronic means such as telephone calls, video conference call or by exchange of electronic mail.  Any electronic meeting must be properly structured, recorded and minuted.

See forthcoming Marketing Committee meeting dates.

Right of attendance at meetings

Trustees have the right to attend meetings as observers. 

Roles and Responsibilities  


  • Develop IWA’s marketing strategy and tactical annual plan, including public relations, for approval by the Board of Trustees by December each year.
  • Manage the strategic direction of IWA Brand to ensure consistency and alignment with the Association’s Vision & Missions and work with other parts of the Association to develop proposals to close any gaps.
  • Develop and apply communication strategies to increase IWA awareness amongst the Association’s key stakeholders, including overseeing the Association’s Press Office.
  • Develop and direct the marketing mix necessary to achieve membership recruitment and retention objectives.
  • Oversee IWA’s marketing activities and seek to develop best practice.  Agree an annual plan with the Chairman and Chief Executive and submit a 6 monthly report to the Board of Trustees on the areas reviewed, actions taken and outcomes.
  • Provide expertise to support the development of major national campaigns, as requested by the Chairman or Chief Executive.
  • Oversight of the Events Committee, which organises the annual Festival of Water.
  • Oversight of the Canalway Cavalcade Committee.
  • Oversight of the team responsible for attending events organised by other groups (Field Marketing).
  • Oversight of the Trailboat Festival working group.


The Committee will work to ensure that:

  • IWA is seen as an effective campaigning organisation for the waterways, differentiated from other waterways groups.
  • There is sound and effective management and administration of the Committee’s budget and ancillary matters.
  • The Board of Trustees is informed and has drawn to its attention any matters of significance relating to the responsibilities of the Marketing Committee.
  • There is effective communication with other relevant Association committees in a timely and effective manner. The committee chairman is accountable for ensuring that this takes place.
  • It will draft and propose policies relevant to its area of work; agreement of them is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees.

Reporting to

The Board of Trustees

Reporting from

Canalway Cavalcade Committee

Events Committee

Other working groups including Trailboat Festival


Minutes of meetings are to be produced within a maximum of 21 days of meetings, but aim should be to produce within 10 days.

Current Members

Find out about current members of the Association's marketing committee.