National Committees

This area of the web site provides information about the Association's national committees

  • what they do and how they are run
  • who the committee members are
  • vacancies for membership of the committees

Board of Trustees
the Board of Trustees delegates specific areas of responsibility to a number of committees. See trustees' profiles.

Finance Committee - oversees the financial management of the Association and ensures the proper administration of membership and other administrative matters. See Finance Committee members.

Marketing Committee - is responsible for developing IWA’s marketing strategy and communications including Waterways magazine and the website. See Marketing Committee members.  Marketing Committee has two sub-committee: Events Committee (which organises the National Festival of Water, each August Bank Holiday weekend) and Canalway Cavalcade Committee (which organises Canalway Cavalcade in London, each early May Bank Holiday weekend).  There is also a Field Marketing Group (which arranges IWA's attendance at exterally organised shows and events) and a Trailboat Festival organiser.

Navigation Committee - Navigation Committee keeps a close eye upon and responds to all matters concerning the use and maintenance of navigable waterways, advises the Board of Trustees on strategic and forward planning decisions, publishes technical information and provides advice on navigation matters. See Navigation Committee members.

Remuneration Committee - reviews the remuneration, appraisal process, and terms and conditions for employees. See Remuneration Committee members.

Responsibility for supporting waterways restoration is delegated to the Restoration Hub.

Waterway Recovery Group - undertakes the physical restoration of derelict waterways and structures, acts as a national coordinating body for voluntary labour on the waterways and provided training, equipment, etc, for restoration work. WRG has its own extensive web site at See Waterway Recovery Group board members.

Essex Waterways Limited - is the Association's subsidiary company that manages the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation, in Essex.  See See Essex Waterways staff.

Working Groups - are formed as and when required to assist the various committees in their activities.

List of Members

See the full list of national committee members


See an organisation chart, which illustrates how the Association's committees work together.