Navigation Committee

Membership and Chairman

Geographic representation derived from members of IWA's eight regions in England and Wales, and from Scotland.  

Additional members are appointed by trustees on recommendation from the committee.  These are people who have particular experience or expertise in different aspects or uses of navigable waterways, and in some cases formally represent a particular area of interest. 

In addition, corresponding members are encouraged, in the interests of fostering a wide base of specific knowledge and expertise.  These representatives may be invited to attend by the chairman when their expertise may be beneficial to a specific issue or meeting.

All committee members are subject to formal appointment by Board of Trustees. The chairman is appointed, and reappointed or replaced, by Trustees.

Roles and Responsibilities

IWA’s Navigation Committee will:

  • On behalf of Trustees, monitor and respond to any matters concerning the use, conservation, development and maintenance of navigable waterways. The committee will raise issues with Trustees by formal reports, presentations, or verbally as & when appropriate.
  • On behalf of Trustees, liaise with other organisations whose proposals or activities may have a peripheral affect on the use of the inland waterways.
  • Ensure IWA is represented on the Environment Agency's National Navigation Users Forum, Canal & River Trust's user group meetings, user groups for other navigation authorities and other similar forums.
  • Advise Trustees on strategic and forward planning decisions, and maintain monitor and implement a strategy for issues on navigable waterways
  • Collate, maintain and publish, when appropriate, IWA policies and technical information relating to navigation and other issues on navigable waterways
  • Provide advice to IWA members, navigation authorities and others on navigation matters.
  • In consultation with other IWA committees, as appropriate, publish information concerning navigable waterways, commission blogs, briefings, articles and leaflets on relevant waterway matters and promote the Association within and beyond the waterways movement.
  • On behalf of Trustees provide advice to members, other IWA committees, boat clubs, waterway societies and others on navigation matters.
  • Promote the use of inland waterways of the British Isles for freight transport through its subgroup the Inland Waterways Freight Group.

Term of office

All full committee members to serve a term of three years, but can be appointed for a further term.  One third to retire each year, on a rolling programme.


To be filled by new appointment from the region, by advertisement, or from recognised special interest groups.  Corresponding members may be invited to take up such appointments.

Format and frequency of meetings

Meetings normally held every other month, or as necessary.  Meetings may take place by electronic means such as telephone calls, video conference call or by exchange of electronic mail.  Any electronic meetings must be properly structured, recorded and minuted.

See forthcoming Navigation Committee meeting dates.

Right of attendance at meetings

Trustees have the right to attend meetings as observers.

Full members to attend of right.  Corresponding members may attend by invitation of the chairman

Reporting to 

The Board of Trustees.  Accountable to regions via regional representatives.

Reporting from

Branches, regions and any other relevant committees, Inland Waterways Freight Group.

Co-ordination between other relevant committees  

The committee is responsible for communicating with other relevant Association committees in a timely and effective manner.  The committee chairman is accountable for ensuring that this takes place.


Navigation Committee may obtain such external advice as it considers is required to discharge its responsibilities.

Minutes to be produced within a maximum of 21 days of meetings; but aim should be to produce within 10 days.


Current Members

Find out about current members of the Association's navigation committee.