Remuneration Committee

Membership and Chairman

The membership of the committee is the chairman of the Finance Committee, the national chairman and two other members appointed annually by trustees.  The committee is chaired by the chairman of Finance Committee.

Term of office

The two ‘other members’ are appointed annually.

Frequency of meetings  

At least at annual intervals, in November (or at other times of the year, if necessary).  Meetings may take place by electronic means such as telephone calls, video conference call or by exchange of electronic mail.  Any electronic meeting must be properly structured, recorded and minuted.

Right of attendance at meetings 

The chief executive may attend the meeting other than when his own remuneration package is being considered.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • To review the remuneration and benefits package (hereinafter "package" or "packages") of the chief executive in the light of his performance and the achievement of the objectives set for him and to agree his package for the next year.
  • To review a paper from the chief executive reviewing the packages of his senior staff (currently the finance manager and the marketing manager), to consider his recommendations and to agree their packages for the next year.
  • To ensure that each individual package reflects the staff member's individual performance, is in line with current market conditions for the function and motivates the member of staff for his/her future work for the Association.
  • To ensure that a suitable appraisal process is in place.
  • To consider the standard terms and conditions of employment for all staff and when appropriate make recommendations for changes to the Board of Trustees.

Reporting to   

The Board of Trustees

Reporting from

The chief executive
The national chairman


Staff contracts and job descriptions, annual appraisals and the setting of the following year's objectives for the chief executive and his staff will be managed by the chief executive, reporting direct to the national chairman.  However, the chief executive and the national chairman may provide the other members of the Committee with copies of staff appraisals as a means of enabling them to come to a fully informed view on proposed changes to individual packages.  If there is anything in an appraisal that is considered to be particularly confidential, then that section should be in an appendix not circulated to the Committee.
The Committee will also use press commentary and reviews, market surveys and personal knowledge of other charities to assist them in coming to their decisions.

Current Members

Find out about current members of the Association's remuneration committee.