IWA's trustees currently comprise:

Directly elected trustees

Sir Robert Atkins
North West Region Chairman
Rick Barnes
Ivor Caplan
National Chairman
ray_carter Ray Carter
Les Etheridge

Chris Howes
Eastern Region Chairman
Roger Holmes
South West Region Chairman
Mike Palmer
Paul Rodgers
peter_scott97px_110px Peter Scott
North East & Yorkshire Region Chairman
Gillian Smith
Verna Smith
South East Region Chairman
National Treasurer
Paul Strudwick
London Region Chairman
Helen Whitehouse
West Midlands Region Chairman


See roles and responsibilities for the board of trustees.

The Association is governed by a board of trustees who are partly elected on a regional basis, and partly elected on a national basis. 

The procedure for election of nationally-elected trustees is based on the rules contained in IWA's old Articles of Association that were replaced in September 2016, and for regionally elected trustees is set out in rules devised by the full board of trustees.