Trustee Candidates

Rick Barnes, Ivor Caplan and Peter Scott retire on completion of their current three-year terms as Trustees, meaning there are three vacancies.

Nominations have been received for Rick Barnes, John Butler, Ivor Caplan, David Chapman and Peter Scott. Thus, there are five nominees for three vacancies and there is a requirement for a ballot this year. 


Voting is possible by post, by email and online via a ballot form.  A ballot form has been published in Waterways magazine which members will receive in early August.  To be valid, any completed ballot submission must arrive by 2pm on Tuesday 24th September 2019.

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Nomination details for each of the above proposed trustees are as follows.

Candidate Statements

Rick Barnes

I've been fascinated by the waterways since I was young following a memorable holiday around the Avon Ring and BCN in the early 1980s – when Gas Street Basin was surrounded with overhanging warehouses, and in other places metal works could be seen from the boat… and I had to stand on a milk crate so I could see to steer! Moving on a few years, I became involved with WRG, working on restoration projects and festivals around the country, eventually joining Festivals Committee, creating site plans and documentation, and helping run the ‘National’ as Site 2.  I joined IWA because I recognised its importance in harnessing a wide range of supporters, users and businesses to actively make the waterways and their surroundings a better place as a unique national asset through campaigning, preservation and restoration. I am proud to have helped sustain and promote the activities of the Association over the years in a number of roles – as WRG Director, member of Finance Committee, an elected Trustee since 2016 and recently as a deputy chairman.
I am a chartered mechanical engineer and qualified member of the Association of Project Management with over 20 years’ experience in engineering, project and programme management and strategic change. I use my experience to support my volunteer roles, recently focussing on my local canals in the Cotswolds, restoring Gough’s Orchard Lock at Brimscombe, the IWA Tom Rolt campaign project at Inglesham, connecting the canal to the Thames which will be completed this summer, and representing IWA as a national organisation on the HLF bid to connect the completed Stroud section to the main system at Saul.
The diversity of the waterways, and of what IWA and WRG do, is hugely important to me. For volunteers, we offer a chance to meet new people, gain new skills and a sense of achievement, whether manning a stand, running a branch newsletter or driving an excavator. For waterway users, on foot, bicycle, narrowboat, cruiser or canoe and others besides, there are new discoveries to be made around every bend and an incredible variety of environments and heritage to explore. As IWA approaches its 75th year, it continues to have a pivotal role and I ask for your support in re-election as a Trustee, to help shape the Association for the challenges ahead, and work to ensure that the waterways can be enjoyed for future generations.

John Butler

After a two year break I would be delighted to become an IWA Trustee again.
I was dismayed last summer, when the Trustees, on the advice of the Marketing Committee, decided to suspend the popular annual Festival of Water. If only they had thought to consult the Events Committee first they would have been spared the embarrassment of being forced to reverse that decision by a members’ resolution at the AGM. I am proud to say that I drafted that resolution and that the Festival of Water lives to fight another day, despite the determined efforts by some to kill it off.
I am standing for re-election as a trustee because this kind of wrong-headed decision has been taken without adequate consultation and without fully considering the best interests of the Association and its members.
I have in the past served on Promotions & Communications Committee, Events Committee and Marketing Committee and I have been chairman of both Events and Marketing Committees. I was a Trustee from 2014 to 2017 and I am now a member of the Finance and Events Committees.
After I qualified as a Chartered Accountant I worked mostly in the retailing and leisure industries, but I also spent time in manufacturing and publishing, both as an accountant and in more wide-ranging managerial roles. I believe that this varied experience will be of value to the IWA if I am again elected as a trustee.
I firmly believe that the Association has a future at the centre of the waterways movement. No other body has done so much to encourage the renaissance of the waterways since the war, and no-one else has the Waterway Recovery Group! It is vital that we should now adapt to meet changing circumstances, and I am confident that I can play a part in that process.
Finally, I believe that we should invest our energies in planning for tomorrow as well as remembering yesterday.

Ivor Caplan

My inland waterways experience goes back some 50 years with 15 years living afloat; I have moved ashore but still cruise as much as my role as National Chairman allows. I have a particular interest in the built environment believing that conservation can only be achieved in the long term by finding sustainable uses for historic buildings, and in the widest view of waterways heritage which includes the boats, people, traditions and skills.
My IWA involvement includes 30 years on the Birmingham Branch committee with a long spell as Branch Chairman. I was national organiser of Waterways for Youth prior to it becoming WoW. I served on Promotions & Communications and West Midlands Region committees and my involvement has included the organisation of many different IWA boating events and other initiatives at local and national level. Throughout this time I also had wide experience of other organisations in the inland waterways family. This includes serving on canal society committees and I was recently secretary of the BCN Society. I have been involved with restoration trusts and a few years ago retired after ten years as company secretary for the Droitwich Canals Trust, following achieving completion of its entire restoration. I served over 12 years on the committee of the Residential Boat Owners’ Association, with periods as vice-chair, chairman and secretary. During my eighteen months as IWA National Chairman I have continued the work of my predecessor by focusing on delivering the key IWA objectives as identified by Trustees:  - Protecting... with our Vision for London and the recent heritage initiative,
- Restoring... with our highly acclaimed Waterways in Progress,
- Speaking Up For… through successful political engagement including an increased influence in Scotland, and
- Inspiring... through improved communications with members – my early report to members on trustee meetings has been particularly welcomed.  I believe that as IWA approaches its 75th anniversary in 2021, it is just as relevant in ensuring the continuation and improvement of the entire inland waterways system, whether navigable, under restoration or currently derelict. The Association must review and where necessary change its structure and processes in order to continue to be relevant and to meet the changing political and financial scene, which could threaten the achievements of IWA over 75 years. I hope that I can serve a further term as Trustee in order to support this and ensure that IWA grows from strength to strength.

Dave Chapman

Events at the 2018 IWA AGM convinced me there is a need for change; I was both enthused and shocked in equal measure! The message that waterways can, and do lead regeneration, was brilliantly broadcast by IWA and Stroud Council; I was shocked by the lack of preparation to resolve the two major issues raised by Members prior to the AGM; this lack of preparation led to the obvious confusion amongst the principals and their undignified attempts to control the outputs of the AGM.
My wife and I have been members of IWA for 46 years, owning in turn marine‐ply & fibreglass boats, and now a steel narrowboat. We are well known faces, attending many festivals. During the period 2003 ‐ 2011 I was heavily involved in the IWA national festivals. As Supplies Director I was responsible for delivering the infrastructure necessary to make such a large event work. Cavalcade, Trail‐boat and Campaign Festivals and the Festival of Water; each has an important role to play in promoting the value of our waterways. To ensure maximum impact of these events, each needs appropriate and aggressive marketing support.  I have been chairman of Chiltern Branch since 2013. The branch is an active supporters of the Wendover Arm Trust; we represent IWA at Rickmansworth Festival each year and sponsor the IWA Events Team Trailer. As IWA approaches its 75 birthday, we have much of which to be proud. IWA has built on the success of heroes like Rolt, Hutchings and Palmer first in saving and restoring waterways and in defending waterway heritage. IWA must continue to provide support to restoration and heritage groups; it must strengthen campaigns to ensure CRT is adequately funded and IWA must monitor CRT to ensure navigation and waterways heritage remain protected into the future.
I believe that IWA would benefit from a new impetus. Not all Trustees own boats, and through contact with members and other boaters on “the cut”, a boating Branch Chairman is well placed to be an effective Trustee. Further, I believe my experience, with Xerox, of driving management and process changes in operating companies across many cultures, will help me to understand IWA and to seek improvements. I hope you will give me the opportunity to prove my worth by voting for me.

Peter Scott

Let’s use 2020 to improve our campaigning, better engage with our members, and modernise our organisation.
I have been a trustee since 2009 and I’m best at our navigation campaigns. Each year Elaine and I add at least a thousand canalling miles across almost all the connected system, to the forty thousand miles we have navigated since 1970. We need more, and younger, people to enthuse similarly about their own navigation; and the Navigation Authorities need to focus more on supporting them in completing their journeys, within the time that their work commitments allow. Canal closures and restrictions, however temporary, disrupt and deter those we most need to care about the Inland Waterways for the future.
As IWA approaches our 75th birthday, many of our members are achieving a similar milestone. While many of us may therefore have declining energies for volunteering, we need to encourage and value a continuing involvement with IWA decisions, and better engage with our members’ accumulated expertise. Let’s concentrate on sharing this with all those new and younger members we need to recruit for our centenary in 2046.
We need to show why it’s worth joining a large and vibrant Association, with relevant help and expertise available to new members: modern media can provide the tools if we can find the enthusiasm. It’s not always easy; my own modest tweets are through @peterjohnscott and contributions to doing it better are always welcome.
It is the trustees, elected by the members, who are accountable for everything the IWA does. During the last turbulent year we have used a lot of energy in making and unmaking decisions, and recovering from other unnecessary distractions. The trustees elect a National Chairman each year, and for 2020 we should concentrate on having confidence in discharging the leadership role alongside the necessary competences of guiding us towards decisions, preferably by consensus, and ensuring we all know what we are deciding to do.
It was on my proposal in 2013 that we limited trustees to twelve years in the job, and this has contributed to us having some new volunteers: it also means that this is the last time that I will be seeking election to the trustee board, and I invite your support for this old-hand in bringing continuity and continued enthusiasm alongside those with new and different expertise.
Thank You.

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A hustings is taking place at IWA's Festival of Water at 11am on Sunday 25th August. Please head to the volunteer work camp at the Festival. Parking at the site is free. See Festival location information.