Dave Chapman - Volunteer of the Month January 2014

Created on 22/01/2014

Dave Chapman has been interested in waterways since 1971 and is currently the Chairman of IWA Chiltern Branch. He is new to the role, having yet to complete his first year, but is not new to volunteering with IWA. Prior to taking on the challenges that being a branch chairman brings, Dave was the Festivals Supply Director for five years.

You were the Festivals Supply Director for five years, what did this role involve?
The role involved procurement of all infrastructure items and materials to deliver the Festival plan; approximate spend each year of £250,000 excluding VAT.

Which IWA festival was your favourite and why?
St Ives because of the location.

How do you think large IWA events such as festivals will have to adapt to meet changes in what the public want?
Well, the decision has been made to discontinue events like the National for now. However, the main requirement would be for full and informed involvement of Trustees.

Note from the editor: Although there will be no IWA National Festival this year, IWA is still involved with a number of other waterway events around the country, including Canalway Cavalacade, IWA National Trailboat Festival and IWA's Campaign Festival at Chester. More information about these and other events is available on the events page.

Being a chairman must differ greatly from volunteering at festivals, what encouraged you to make this change of role?
I was asked and couldn’t think of an adequate reason to say no!

What new challenges have you faced as a chairman?
Having to accommodate some views I would previously have dismissed!

What attributes do you think a person needs to be an effective chairman?
I am not sure that I know but my predecessor did a very good job moving the branch forward. I suppose the key is the ability to recognise and use the talents available and to seek and involve people who can add skillsets.

What do you like most about volunteering on the Chiltern Branch committee?
Too soon to tell; let’s see if they still want me at the end of my first year!


Thank you to Dave for this interview.  If Dave's expereinces have inspired you to get involved, take a look at our many volunteer opportunities to find one that suits you.

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