De-winterise your boat checklist

Created on 05/03/2020

Spring is on its way and, if you put your boat away for the winter, it will soon be time to take the covers off and see how it has fared over the winter months.

To de-winterise your boat, you will probably need to:

  • Locate service manual, tools, parts and fluids that will be needed
  • Change oil and filters if not done before the winter
  • Check batteries, clean terminals, top up with distilled or demineralised water and charge if necessary
  • Have a look at the diesel, checking for signs of diesel bug (slime, jelly or cloudy fuel)
  • Check cooling system hoses for perishing and renew as necessary
  • Tighten and, if needed, repack the stern gland
  • Grease the weed hatch bolts' threads and check seal
  • Make sure that prop has nothing wrapped round it
  • Connect water systems back together, close all taps, flush with sterilising solution and install water filter
  • Refill tanks, checking for leaks and ensure bilges are clean and dry
  • Check around windows for signs of leaks, sort out any mould or condensation damage
  • Remove build up of leaves and rainwater
  • Wash and wax paintwork, clean and preserve cratch covers
  • Check condition of ropes
  • Replace batteries and check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Clean kitchen and toilet areas with mild disinfectant
  • Evict spiders
  • Bring back kitchenware, linen and bedding
  • Stock up with essentials for the food cupboard including beer and wine
  • Dust down the boat log book for recording journeys and good times

Now the boat is ready to go, it's time to decide which waterways and events to visit this year.