Robin Bishop - Volunteer of the Month December 2016

Created on 25/01/2017

Robin Bishop, Secretary of IWA Middlesex Branch, has been volunteering with IWA since 1996.  A highly active member of the Association, Robin is passionate about our waterways and as well as being very involved with the running of Middlesex Branch, is regularly out and about with the IWA Branch stand, most recently at the London Boat Show.

Read on to find out more about Robin’s valuable role within the Association…

How did you first become interested in inland waterways?

I first became interested in inland waterways when I went for my first canal boat holiday in September 1985.

What is your favourite waterway?

My favourite waterway is the South Oxford Canal.

Why do you think our waterways are so important?

Our waterways are so important because they provide a wonderful leisure amenity for all to enjoy.

How and when did you get involved with volunteering for us?

I first got involved in volunteering for IWA in 1996 when I helped our then sales manager for IWA Middlesex Branch with our sales stand at an event.  

What is your proudest IWA moment?

My proudest IWA moment was in 2014 at the London Boat Show when the organisers were celebrating the 60th show since it started. Five companies / organisations who had attended all those 60 shows were each presented with a commemorative plaque.  
IWA was one of those recipients. It made me feel proud that our charity had achieved this and that I had been involved in the later years.

What motivates you to keep up the hard work involved in volunteering?

What motivates me to keep up the hard work involved in volunteering is on the clean ups.  At the end of a day’s work you can see the improvement that has been made to the waterways by a group of dedicated people.

You’re a regular volunteer at the London Boat Show, what do you enjoy most about this?

As a regular volunteer at the London Boat Show the thing I enjoy most is talking to members of the public about our waterways, answering their questions and trying to persuade them to have a holiday themselves.  

Why is your volunteer role important?

My volunteer role helps the IWA and our waterways. Serving on the Branch committee helps keep it active.  Taking the Branch stand out to events is how we share IWA’s work and what we stand for with the general public.

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