Volunteer of the Month - Roger Mungham

Created on 17/04/2019

Roger Mungham, from IWA Peterborough Branch, is one of IWA longest standing volunteers and has recently been awarded the Richard Bird Medal, which is given to members whose effort and support are considered to have brought significant benefit to IWA. Read here about how Roger first became involved with IWA.

Roger has been described as a 'lifelong friend and ambassador for the Waterways'. Prior to his retirement, Roger was a River Inspector. He was then Treasurer of IWA Peterborough Branch, as well as carrying out the same role for the Middle Level Watermens’ Club, and has only just stood down as Treasurer of the Well Creek Trust. He is known to be unfailingly cheerful and helpful to other boaters.

When did you first volunteer with IWA and how did you get involved?

I first volunteered at the IWA National Festival in Peterborough in 1993 and then I continued volunteering for seven years as a site carpenter. I have been volunteering for 26 years now. 

Why do you think our waterways are so important?

I think our waterways are so important because they're all part of our heritage - they are there for us all to enjoy, and so many jobs rely on them.

What do you enjoy about volunteering with IWA? 

With volunteering, I enjoy the friendship with the other members, and knowing you are helping to keep the waterways open.

How long have you been running IWA Peterborough Branch work parties? 

I've only been running the work parties for the past year. Before that I was the tea boy for the work parties. I have now handed it over to the Branch Chairman. 

You were recently awarded the Richard Bird medal, with three others, at the 2018 IWA AGM, what does that mean to you?

I was very surprised to be awarded the Richard Bird medal but very proud to receive it. It made me think back to all the volunteering I have done over the last 26 years. But I am sure there are more people out there who deserve it more. 

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