How Can I Find My Dream Boat?

All the commercial waterways magazines have large numbers of boats advertised for sale every month, both direct and through brokers. Other possibilities include the Internet and word of mouth.

Buying Second Hand Boats

Many first-time buyers will buy a second hand craft.

In general buying second hand will give you better value in terms of features but the maintenance costs of a second hand boat are likely to be higher. Look for receipts for work done on the boat, such as service bills, hull blacking and for invoices for other expenses such as mooring fees etc. Bear in mind when buying second hand that there is usually some work to be done on it.

Second hand boats are available from marinas, boatyards, brokers or individuals. In some cases the boatyard may be selling the boat themselves or they may be acting as a broker, offering it for sale on behalf of someone else. The seller, on completion of the sale, will then pay them a fee.

One advantage of using a broker is that they may also be able to arrange insurance, finance, transport and surveys for you. It would be wise to seek your own surveyor for your own piece of mind.

Second hand boats for sale are advertised in the monthly waterways magazines such as Waterways World, Canal Boat and Towpath Talk which are available from newsagents.

Find out more about what to look out for in when buying a second hand boat.