Maneuvering Past Anglers

Angling matches often coincide with the free time of the boater. Therefore the need for co-existence between moving boats and anglers is inevitable.

From the helmsman’s view, there are of two kinds of angler - those who use poles, which can be readily seen, and those who may be using one or more rods which can be hidden by vegetation. Vigilance is required to avoid snagging float and line.  They may be individuals or large organised groups.  It should also be noted that pole or line can stretch across to near the bank opposite the angler (which can be where fish tend to gather).

Angling matches are controlled by marshals and are approved by the Navigation Authority. Although they may cover up to a couple of miles, their limits are well defined.  They run for a defined time, often during weekend mornings.

To pass individual anglers or a match, slow to tick over speed and keep a steady course mid channel.  Poles will be lifted or pulled back a few metres in front of your boat and will often be lowered just behind your stern.  Rod lines will normally be reeled back to the angler and recast once you have passed.  Don’t panic! Anglers value their expensive poles and broken lines are very inconvenient.

It is courteous to thank anglers, helping to maintain good relations with other users contributing to keeping the waterways alive.