Operating Moveable Bridges

Manual swing bridges

  • Let your crew off well before the bridge - it's easier then to get the boat lined up correctly.
  • Unhook the retaining chain and give the bridge a good - but controlled - shove. You might need to slow the swing down to stop the bridge bouncing back across the canal.
  • When the boat is through, push the bridge firmly into place and put the retaining chain back on.

Manual lift bridges

  • Pull the chain hanging from the balance arm.
  • When the bridge is open, sit an adult on the arm to keep it raised until the boat is clear.
  • Gently lower the bridge by the chain, taking care not to let it drop.

Mechanised bridges

  • Mechanised bridges are either opened using the windlass, or are powered and need a navigation authority facilities key. Always follow the instructions
  • If a bridge breaks down, don't try to force it. Call the local navigation office for help. There should be a phone number on the bridge instructions. If not, call the local navigation authority office.

Other Information