VHF - Further Reading

A wide variety of books is available giving further advice on navigating larger waterways and a selection is detailed below.  Some are available from IWAshop web pages.

For RYA publications, contact the Royal Yachting Association, RYA House, Romsey Road, Eastleigh, Hants. SO50 4YA, tel. 023 8062 7400, or consult the RYA website.

Information is also provided by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency in Marine Information Notes (MIN), Marine Guidance Notes (MGN) and Marine Safety Notices (MSN) – these are downloadable from the MCA website or contact the MCA, Spring Place, 105 Commercial Road, Southampton, SO15 1EG, tel. 023 8032 9144. 

OFCOM also produces information sheets available by downloading from the OFCOM website or by calling them on 0845 456 3000.

Geographically based references are arranged clockwise round the UK starting from the Humber

VHF Radio and Navigation

Brehaut D. (2002)  GMDSS: A User’s Handbook.  2nd Edn.  A&C Black (Publishers) Ltd.  
[Includes syllabi for the various radio operator’s certificates]

Campbell J. (1998)  A Yachtsman’s Guide to the Collision Rules.  Airlife Publishing Ltd.  96pp.

International Maritime Organisation (1995) The International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972, amended November 1995.  IMO, London.

International Maritime Organisation (1997)  SOLAS (Consolidated Edition).  IMO, London.  IMO ref. IMO-110E

Royal Yachting Association (1995)  International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.  RYA ref. G2/95.  [Colregs annotated for leisure users]

Royal Yachting Association (2002)  VHF Radio (including GMDSS).  RYA ref. G22/02

Royal Yachting Association (2002)  VHF Radio Short Range Certificates.  RYA, ref. G26/02 
[Syllabus and test questions]

Specific waterways (in order round the coast, starting with the Humber waterways)

The Macmillan Nautical Almanac – published annually.

Nicholson/OS (2012)  No. 6. Nottingham, York and the North East.  144pp. 
[Yorkshire Ouse, Selby Canal, Goole & Knottingley Canal, S&SYN, S&KN, NJC, Trent]

Ripon Motor Boat Club (1992)  A cruising Guide to North East Waterways  [Yorkshire Ouse, Trent and tributary rivers]. [Out of Print – occasionally available second hand]

Bowskill D.  (1986)  Northeast Waterways.  Imray.  200pp.  [Witham, Trent, Yorkshire Ouse and associated waterways] [Out of print – occasionally available second hand]

Canal & River Trust  North Yorkshire Navigations.  Free leaflet.  [Includes Yorkshire Ouse, Selby Canal]

Canal & River Trust  Aire & Calder Navigations.  Free leaflet.  [A&CN and C&HN systems]

Canal & River Trust  East Midlands and South Yorkshire Navigations.  Free leaflet.  [S&SYN, S&KN and NJC]

Canal & River Trust  River Trent.  Free leaflet.  [Trent]

Richardson C. & Lower J. (1995)  Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation.  Hallamshire Press.  96pp. [S&SYN] [Out of print – occasionally available second hand]

Irving H. (1995)  Tidal Havens – Wash and Humber.  Imray.  72pp.

Bowskill D. (1998) The East Coast – A pilot guide from The Wash to Ramsgate, 4th Edn.  Imray.  230pp. [includes all tidal waterways from the Kentish Stour to the Witham]

Jarman C., Cooper G. & Holness R. (2005) East Coast Pilot Lowestoft to Ramsgate.  Imray.  [updates are available digitally on www.eastcoastpilot.com/digital_ecp.htm]

Bowskill D. (1999)  The Norfolk Broads and Fens.  Opus.  224pp  [Witham, Welland, Nene, Great Ouse, Yare, Lowestoft]

Griffiths M (1999)  Swatchways and Little Ships.  A&C Black (Publishers) Ltd.  192pp.  [Rivers and creeks of the Thames Estuary and Kent, Essex, Suffolk coasts]

Cove-Smith C. (2012 new edition) London’s Waterway Guide  Imray.  218pp. [Includes Thames, Lea and Regents Canal]

Nicholson/OS (2012)  No. 1. London/Grand Union.  157pp.  [Includes Thames, Lea]

Barter J. (1999)  Tide 1999 – The Guide to the River Thames.  Maritime Events Publishing  164pp. 
[Hampton Court to Gravesend]

IWA (2006)  Thames Tideway Guide.  IWA London Region.  12pp.

Port of London Authority ()  Leisure Guide.  PLA,

Port of London Authority ()  Yachtsmen’s Guide.  PLA,

Port of London Authority (1997)  Pleasure Users Guide.  PLA,

St Pancras Cruising Club (1999)  Cruising Notes.  SPCC, Camley Street, London.  [Series of notes covering Thames tideway, Bell Lane, Bow, Deptford, Barking, Dartford & Crayford Creeks and the Bow Back Rivers]

Bowskill D. (2012 new edition)  The River Medway [Gillingham to Tonbridge]

Gloucester Harbour Trustees/British Waterways (1998) Safety guidance for small boat passage of the Severn Estuary.  GHT, CRT, Bristol Port Co, Bristol City Council.  Available from CRT, Llanthony Warehouse, Gloucester.  [Severn and Avon from Sharpness to Bristol – note Sharpness Pierhead now uses Ch. 13, not 17 as listed]

Nicholson/OS (2012)  No. 2. Severn, Avon and Birmingham 157pp.  [includes Severn above Gloucester, G&S]

Nicholson/OS (2012)  No. 5. North West and the Pennines.  144pp.  [includes Weaver and A&CN west of Castleford]

Manchester Ship Canal Co.  The Manchester Ship Canal – Facts and Figures [MSC]

Ribble Link Trust (1992)  Pilot Guide and Souvenir Brochure.  [Douglas and Ribble tideways]

Clyde Cruising Club (1997)  Sailing Directions – Firth of Clyde [Clyde]

Royal Northumberland Yacht Club  (1990)  Sailing Directions – Humber to Rattray Head.  RNYC, Blyth  See http://www.rnyc.org.uk/saildir/amd.html for updates.  [Humber, Tees, Tyne, Forth, Tay]


Ripon Motor Boat Club (1992)  A cruising Guide to North East Waterways 
[includes detailed charts of Yorkshire Ouse and Trent].

Trent Boating Association (1999)  Chart 3 – Yorkshire Ouse [York to Trent Falls]

Trent Boating Association (1999)  Chart 2 – Tidal Trent [Cromwell to Trent falls].

Trent Boating Association (1999)  Chart 1 – Non-tidal Trent [upstream of Cromwell].

Heron Maps (2011) The Broads. [Yare, Lowestoft Harbour/Lake Lothing]

Geoprojects UK (1997) The Thames Ring and London Ring Atlas.  [Thames inland of Limehouse] - out of print

Geoprojects UK (1997) The Caledonian Canal. [Caledonian Canal] – out of print