London Region

London Region comprises:

Chelmsford Branch
Chiltern Branch
Lee & Stort Branch
Middlesex Branch
North & East London Branch
South London Branch

IWA's Vision for London

This Report sets out our vision for the 145 miles of navigable waterways in London.  It has been produced to highlight the specific issues for waterways users in the capital, which, given the relatively small geographical area and the huge demad, are more keenly felt in London than elsewhere in the UK. 

Read the full report here as a .pdf or alternatively see the report in book format on

London Region Events

Tuesday 18th February 2020: ‘The Regent’s Canal at 200’ by Lester Hillman 

The completed Regent's Canal opened in 1820 and the colourful festivities set off from today's York Way (Maiden Lane) Camden. George IV came to the throne 29th January 1820. On the bicentenary of the King (who put 'Regent' in the Canal and 'King' in King's Cross), Lester Hillman will give an illustrated historical talk.

Tuesday 17th March 2020:`Exploring our Waterways heritage in London Region’ by Derek Humphries, IWA London Region Heritage officer 

Derek has researched listed buildings and structures in each branch area throughout our region and will present information on all of these.

Tuesday 21st April 2020: A liveaboard’s story – 4 years continuously cruising the cut by Steve Haywood 

Steve Haywood, well-known former contributor to Canal Boat magazine and author of several waterways books, shares the joys and challenges of 4 years living on the cut.

Tuesday 19th May 2020: Community Boating in London

Contributions from various community boat projects in the London area. The National Community Boats Association was founded in 1985. Community boating organisations provide access to services on the UK’s waterways for the benefit of their local community, including those with special needs.

Tuesday 16th June 2020: ‘The Thames from Source to Sea’ by Dr Roger Squires  

The navigable River Thames is said to be from Lechlade, although, many of us have been further than that in our narrowboats! Dr Roger will take us from the true source of the river, down the non-tidal Thames to Teddington, onwards on the tidal Thames through London and on towards the sea.

Region Socials

We hold our social meetings on the third Tuesday evening of each month except in July and August. Refreshments are available from 7pm and the talks start at 7.30 with the exception of 17th March which starts at 8pm due to a half-hour meeting of one of the branches being held from 7.30 – 8pm.

The map below shows the route from Paddington Station to the management office (in red).  Two Kingdom street is also marked on the map. Instead of going up the steps by the lift to the office follow the path round between the lift and the top of the Amphitheatre to Kingdom Street.  There will be someone on the security desk to give directions when you get to the building but if you get lost please ring me.

For more information about region socials please contact Libby Bradshaw on 020 8874 2787 or 07956 655037 or by emailing                                       

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