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peter_scott_2 ...summary of my waterway-related writings, and a few photographs, collected together in this one place. It's a personal record, so only where specifically mentioned are any of the words the official policy of the IWA: other than that they are my personal opinions. It's always 'work in progress' so hopefully worth returning to visit new material.

Below (right to left) are floodwarnings from the Environment Agency, then my tweets - quick thoughts sometimes from a mobile phone; some might be about bellringing/cricket!. Twitter users can 'follow' them directly: @peterjohnscott  Those from different twittername are my retweets.

Then there are the permanent articles - short, long, serious, wry, recent, historic. Firstly Why do this? and if this makes sense, please look at some of the  articles from the FULL LIST of about 200 articles; 'hovvering' over the title gives a longer description, before clicking for more information. There's a list of my current favourites  on the left and below.

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In 2012
The Art Of Spending
1000-mile Years
Before The Deluge
Sharing with a Frigate
The Classics
Misty Mornings
From Keg To Cut Windlass in My Belt Let's Be Open S&W Lock-Tails leeds1.JPG
Critters Campaigning Wet And Waving Syntan and Foss
Councillors A Telephone Service A narrow narrow lock Historic Boats
Let's Be Open Cill-y Signs Eagle Hoot Hoot
Continuous ... From Keg To Cut Five Rise FULL LIST