Chiltern named 2013 Branch of the Year

At the Awards Ceremony that followed the IWA Annual General Meeting at the end of September, Chiltern Branch was announced as the 2013 winner of the Branch Achievement Award.

The award was made in recognition of the Branch’s consistent hard work, strong committee, programme of well-attended meetings and support for local restoration projects. The citation highlighted our fundraising activities, work parties and involvement with local events, including participation in the National Festival at Cassiobury Park, Watford.

Of course, this award is also a reflection of the support that the Branch gets from its members whose involvement ensures that we are able to participate in diverse activities. Dave Chapman was delighted to receive the award on behalf of the Branch at the AGM and presented it to the committee at the Branch meeting on 23rd October 2013.

John Brice awarded Richard Bird Medal

John has been a member of the IWA since 1985 and took a central role in the creation of Chiltern Branch in 1991. Since then he has served as Chairman (twice) and taken the lead in fund-raising and waterway events, notably running Lock Ransoms and Boat Jumbles and so enabling Chiltern Branch to make donations of over £30,000 to waterways causes. John is extremely knowledgeable and willing to impart sound advice to all. As stated in the citation ‘John Brice is the heart and soul of IWA Chiltern Branch.’

IWA Chiltern Branch Donates £2000 to the Wendover Arm Trust

December 2013

Another year of successful fundraising enabled Chiltern Branch to make a further donation of £2000 to the Wendover Arm Trust in support of continuing restoration of the Arm. John Brice leads fundraising activities, which in 2013 included activities at the Rickmansworth Festival, the National at Cassiobury Park and a Lock Ransom at Marsworth.

The Wendover Arm Trust was formed in 1989 to raise funds and to work on restoration of the Arm to full navigation. The Arm provides a scenic and tranquil 6¾ mile route from Bulbourne Junction to Wendover. It was built originally as a feeder to provide water to the Tring summit of the Grand Union Canal – a critical function that it still fulfils. The current phase of the restoration is particularly important (and expensive) because it concerns the 1½ mile leaky section that led to the closure of the Arm over 100 years ago. Week-long workparties, which involve many Chiltern Branch members, take place every month and new volunteers are always welcome. WRG workparties also visit several times each year.

Goodbye Dinner for Former Chairman

4th December 2013
The committee invited Peter (former Chairman) and his wife Hillary to a goodbye dinner as they have recently moved away from this area.
The next day they walked along the Wendover Arm to see the plaque commemorating their time involved with the Chiltern Waterways.

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