Magnet Fishing

Magnet fishing is allowed on the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation subject to having a licence. A licence can be purchased from

One Day Licence - £5
Annual Licence - £34

Magnet Fishing Rules

  1. Fishing is not allowed opposite moored boats, between moored boats or within 15m of a moored boat. Basically just keep away from moored boats please.

  2. No magnet fishing at all at within 30m of Paper Mill Lock, Hoe Mill Lock, Sandford Lock, Heybridge Basin or Springfield Basin. That way you will not accidentally catch any of our cables etc.

  3. No Magnet fishing in or within 15m of the any Lock. This is because powerful magnets can easily get attached to metal parts on the lock gates and be difficult to release, thus having potential to cause damage.

  4. No magnet fishing with 30m of Environment Agency or Essex and Suffolk Water equipment which is normally signposted along the navigation. Again to avoid damage to their equipment.

  5. You do not need an EA license but as we are a not for profit organisation so please purchase a license from us which is the same price as our canoe licenses.

  6. It is £5 a day and £34 for the year.

  7. Should you be lucky enough to pull out a metal windlass (detachable lock handles used for operating the lock gate paddles) please return them to EWL for which £10 finders fee will be paid.

  8. And finally anything you remove that should not be in the water and could cause damage to boats please dispose of safely. Thank you.

Buy a Licence

One Day Licence £5

Annual Licence £34