Essex Waterways - Contact Details

Navigation Manager
David Hewitt
(based at Papermill Lock)
07966 375351 or 01245 226245
Heybridge Lockkeeper:
Grant Everiss
(based at Heybridge)
01621 853506 or 07712 079764
Administration Assistant
Sarah Phillips
(based at Papermill Lock)
01245 226245

Other employees at Essex Waterways Ltd:
michael_cole70px Michael Cole
Senior Lengthsman (works along the whole length of the Navigation)  
sam_hobden70px Sam Hobden
Lengthsman (works along the whole length of the Navigation)
Colin Basil
Lengthsman (works along the whole length of the Navigation)
Alistair Sims
Residential caretaker at Heybridge
ian_fossett70px Ian Fossett
Residential caretaker at Hoe Mill
Laura Ellis
Residential caretaker at Hoe Mill
Colin Crump
Residential caretaker at Sandford
sue_clift70px Sue Clift
Residential caretaker at Paper Mill  
See contact information for Chelmer Cruises.

The directors of Essex Waterways are:
roy_chandler70px Roy Chandler

Neil Edwards
(Company Secretary)

john_pomfret70px John Pomfret  
jim_jenkins70px Jim Jenkins
colin_edmond70px_2 Colin Edmond  
David Carrington
Craig Holliday

Essex Waterways Limited is a private company, wholly owned by The Inland Waterways Association, which is a registered charity (no 212342) and a company limited by guarantee (no 612245).  Registered office also at Island House, Chesham.


In the case of an emergency, please call 07968 020554.  This will re-direct to whichever member of staff is on duty to deal with emergencies such as flooding, boat sinkings and other events that cannot wait until usual business hours.

Registered Office

Essex Waterways Limited,
Island House,
Moor Road,