About the Excavator

The money raised from the Acheman Challenge will contribute towards a new excavator for IWA's Waterway Recovery Group (WRG).

WRG intends that the new 2.5 tonne excavator will play a key role in assisting its volunteers with waterway restoration work as well as allowing other waterway societies to undertake projects without the costs involved in commercial plant hire.

To enable the excavator to be easily transported around the country WRG also plans to buy a new trailer. WRG aims to use the excavator to train the next generation of waterway navvies in the operation of a technical, but essential, piece of equipment.

In December 2013, WRG’s old JCB excavator Blue was donated to Buckingham Canal Society, after 17 years of service to the waterway restoration movement. Although Blue was still going strong, it began to show signs of age and WRG decided that the excavator’s days of travelling around the country to different work sites should come to an end and that a replacement was required.

The new excavator, a trailer and other essential operational accessories (including a quick release hitch, buckets and vandal guards) are likely to cost around £30,000. The majority of this cost can be met by generous legacies already received from supporters but some further funding is needed.


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