IWA Staff Take On Acheman Challenge!

50 Miles Along the Grand Union Canal - 5th April

Four members of staff from IWA Head Office took to the towpath on 5th April to raise funds for a new excavator for IWA's Waterway Recovery Group.

Mike Palmer, WRG Chairman said, “Raising over £12,000 for our new excavator is a fantastic achievement and the whole organisation sends its thanks. It’s a truly inspiring result that makes us all the more determined to make the most of this summer and get some great work done. To 'overachieve' by such a huge margin shows just how much your team is appreciated and from the photos it is pretty clear that a lot of fun was had as well. Hard work, fun and achievement sums it all up really. Once again many thanks."

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As well as raising funds for WRG's new excavator, The Acheman Challenge, recognised the centenary of the birth of one of IWA's founders, Robert Aickman in 2014. The name is an intentional play on words with Robert Aickman’s surname due to the physical nature of the challenge which may lead to some “aches”.

Toby Gomm, Stephanie Pay, Gemma Bolton and Jenny Black endured a 50 mile challenge along the Grand Union Canal from Harefield to Wolverton in Milton Keynes.

The Quadrathlon was a test of stamina, fitness and skill, and took just under 11 hours to complete. The Quadrathlon, representing a selection of waterway users' interests, included the following disciplines:

  •     Bike – 40 miles along
  •     Locking a boat – 7 locks through Marsworth
  •     Run – 6 miles
  •     Canoe – 3 miles   


Find out more about WRG's new excavator.

In addition to the other pledges and sponsorship received, IWA Ipswich Branch has donated £1,000, IWA Chelmsford Branch has donated £250 and IWA Lichfield and IWA Middlesex Branches have each donated £200.

IWA Chiltern Branch has donated £1,000, and IWA Lancashire and Cumbria Branch has donated £500 directly to the excavator appeal.


Total raised:


Estimated Cost of Excavator: £30,000