Campaign Festival 2012

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Preston Guild Canal Festival

Saturday and Sunday, 25th to 27th August 2012 at Haslam Park, Preston - on the Lancaster Canal.

Preston Guild is held every 20 years.  During this Guild Year the Lancaster Canal was the venue for the Campaign Festival - celebrating the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Ribble Link and encouraging visitors to the Preston area of the Canal.

Haslam Park is close to the city centre where there is a wide variety of shops, museums, theatres and places of interest in this historic town.

There was plenty to do and see for boaters, big boys who like their toys, lots of activities for children, excellent catering facilities and entertainment for those who just wanted to relax.

Visiting the canal was an ideal opportunity for people to cruise and enjoy 42 lock-free miles of beautiful Lancashire countryside towards the Lake District - through the historic towns of Garstang and Lancaster.


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