Photography Sharing Terms and Conditions

The Inland Waterways Association (IWA) thanks you for donating images for us to use on, but not limited solely to, this website. Please take a moment to read the notes below.

Your Agreement

In uploading images to IWA’s website or Flickr groups or entering our photography competitions, you are agreeing to IWA and its subsidiary companies making free use of such images in whole or in part as required.  The Association will not give other parties permission for use of such images without your agreement apart from for editorial use accompanying the Association's press releases.

If you wish to impose any restriction on IWA’s use of images you would like to contribute, please contact

You must ensure that all material uploaded must your own work, i.e. digital photos or scanned images. 

It is best practice to gain verbal consent from an activity participant and, if under 18, their parent or carer before taking any photos of them. When submitting a photograph featuring a child, please provide written consent from a parent of that child.

You must not use images from other websites or scan other people’s material. This may be a criminal offence and IWA takes no responsibility for the upload of copyright protected material. Any images that are found to have breached copyright or are deemed unsuitable for the site for any reason may be removed from the site or Flickr gallery and the Association reserves the right to comply with requests from copyright holders to provide contact details of any user who uploads material that IWA has reason to believe is otherwise copyright.