Useful Downloads for IWA Officers

The following resources are available for IWA officers to download.


Information on the use and application of logos is contained in the House Style Guide.

To download a logo click on the icon to follow the link. When the image displays in your browser right click to display the sub-menu, and then save the image to your computer.

Please note: These versions of the logo should be used in place of alternatives. To request a high resolution/vectored version of the logo for large banners please contact

Please note: The greyscale version should only be used for single colour printing.


Corporate Logos

These are for our Corporate Members to use in their publicity. Please see the House Style Guide for application.

To request a high resolution/vectored version of the logo, please contact

Please note: The greyscale version should only be used for single colour printing.


Letterhead - updated January 2015 (requires login)
Comps Slip - updated August 2015 (requires login)

Powerpoint Template

The IWA PowerPoint Template can be added to your Office Templates.

These instructions apply to Microsoft Office 2007. Save the template to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\. Open a blank presentation. Click the Microsoft Office Button Office button image, and then click New. In the New Presentation dialog box under Templates, click My templates, select the IWA template, and then click OK.

Download IWA PowerPoint template

If you have any issues or need instructions for a different version of Microsoft Office please email

'Introduction to IWA' PowerPoint

There are two PowerPoint presentations available to download that give an introduction to IWA and are a great resouce for members speaking to other groups about IWA.

The first presentation, Who We Are and What We Do, covers IWA's background; structure; views on the use, maintenance, conservation, restoration and development of waterways; approach to freight and education; and information about work parties, WRG, committees and current campaigns.

Download Who We Are and What We Do PowerPoint Presentation - 4.8MB .pptx file.

The second presentation, An Introduction to The Inland Waterways Association, gives a general overview of the activities of IWA including campaigning, work parties and WRG events.

Download An Introduction to The Inland Waterways Association PowerPoint Presentation - 7.58MB .pptx file.

If you have any problems downloading the presentations please contact Stefanie Preston.


QR Codes

Using a smart phone with the ‘Scan’ or ‘QR Code Reader’ app - a user can scan a QR code, to open a specific webpage in their internet browser. This saves them typing in a full website address.

QR codes can be downloaded below or generated using the website

For more information please see the Wikipedia website

IWA website QR code




Microsoft Office Document Converter Download
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