National Constitution

The Inland Waterways Association is a company limited by guarantee, registered at Companies House, as well as being a registered charity.  As a company limited by guarantee, IWA is governed by its Articles of Association, which include the former separate Memorandum of Association, and set out the rules as to how IWA operates.  These documents can only be changed by the members of the Association at a General Meeting.

IWA is governed by trustees. There is a code of conduct as to how trustees should act.  

There is also a set of procedures that covers administrative arrangements for meetings of trustees

When there are vacancies for places on the Board of Trustees, notices inviting nominations appear in IWA's Waterways magazine and other publications. Potential trustees can also make their interest known to the national chairman or chief executive at any time.  There is a guidance note for potential new trustees to help them consider whether they might wish to stand for election.