Procedure for Appointment of Region Chairmen

Region chairmen and trustees are no longer connected posts (i.e. region chairmen are no longer ex-officio trustees, as was the case up to and including those appointments made at the 2017 AGM).  At their 10th June 2017 meeting (minute 10174) trustees approved the following procedure:

(A)  All trustees in post at 10th June 2017 and those elected at the 2017 AGM are eligible to complete their current (mostly three-year) terms of office.

(B)  From 2018, where there are vacancies and where sitting region chairmen would be due to complete their term of office during the year, region chairmen should be recommended by their region committees or, if the committee was not operating, by the respective branch chairmen.  These recommendations need to be made not later than 31st May in the relevant year.  These appointments should then be confirmed by the next trustees meeting after 31st May, and be effective from that trustees meeting date.  This will enable newly appointed region chairmen to be nominated to stand for election as trustees at the forthcoming annual general meeting, should they so wish.

(C)  Region Chairmen not wishing to stand as trustees, or not being elected as such, are invited to attend trustees meetings in the same way as is presently the case for chairmen of national committees who were not trustees.

(D)  Region chairmen and trustees stand for periods of three years from the date of their election irrespective of periods of office of any other appointments that they might hold.

(E)  If region committees are dissatisfied with their region chairmen, they are entitled to make a recommendation to trustees to remove a region chairman, but any final decision will be taken by trustees in the same manner as might be in force to remove any other committee chairman or committee member.