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Gillian Bolt Toyota Grant

The following pages are a resource for those searching for funding. These lists will be regularly updated by IWA's Fundraising Officer, to include new grants and information.

Each page includes a list of grants and important information. Visit the relevant grant-making body's website and thoroughly read the guidelines and application deadlines before beginning an application to familiarise yourself with each schemes eligibility criteria. These pages only include a summary of each fund.

Grant-making bodies can be very particular about what constitutes a charity or organisation and may not fund a local branch of a national charity. It is essential to clarify this before starting an application, if applying on behalf of a branch.

Small Grants (under £10,000)

Grants for under £5,000 may have shorter applications and sometimes have wider, more general criteria. The grants listed on this page are nationwide or regional. If you require funding for a local project or event you can search for grants specific to your local area by using the resources listed at the bottom of this page.

Medium Grants (£10,001 - £99,999)

These grants often require a more detailed application than small grants. The criteria and application process of grants between these values will vary hugely so it is a good idea to research and identify grant-making bodies that are most suited to your project or event.

Large Grants (£100,000 +)

Large grants usually require lengthy applications and can often award grant money in several stages, depending on the type of project.

Landfill Communities Fund

There are several local and nationwide Landfill Operators that participate in the Landfill Communities Fund. The grants given out by Landfill Operators are often very location specific and can vary between large and small amounts.

Find out how to go about applying for grants.

Useful Information

Funding Central is an extensive resource that lists thousands of grant-making bodies. They also have a weekly newsletter which details available funding opportunities.

The Heritage Alliance is a search enging for heritage based grants. It is particularly useful for finding small grants for which there is not much information available elsewhere on the internet.


Find out how to go about applying for grants.

Please Note:

Many grant-making bodies have strict criteria relating to applications, specifying that an organisation or charity can only apply once or receive a grant within a specified amount of time.

It is crucial that you notify IWA's Fundraising Officer of all grant applications made.

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