Future Meeting Dates

March 2020

4th - Navigation Committee (video meeting)
13th - Marketing Meeting (location TBC)
17th - Essex Waterways Ltd (Little Baddow)
22nd - Waterway Recovery group (Rowington)

April 2020

25th - Trustees Meeting and Finance Committee (Rowington)

May 2020

13th - Navigaton Committee (video meeting)
17th - Waterway Recovery Group (Brownhills)

June 2020

19th - Essex Waterways Ltd (Little Baddow)

July 2020

3rd - Marketing Meeting (location TBC)
8th - Navigation Committee (video meeting)
18th - Trustees Meeting and Finance Committee (Rowington)

September 2020

8th - Essex Waterways Ltd (Little Baddow)
12th - Navigation Committee (Birmingham)
20th - Waterway Recovery group (Rowington)
26th - Annual General Meeting

October 2020

3rd - Trustees Meeting and Finance Committee
9th - Marketing Meeting (location TBC)

November 2020

7th - Waterway Recovery Group

December 2020

9th - Navigation Committee (video meeting)
11th - Essex Waterways Ltd (Little Baddow)
12th - Trustees Meeting and Finance Committee (Rowington)