Branch Achievement Award

Criteria: For the IWA branch which, in the opinion of a panel consisting of the national chairman, deputy national chairmen and chief executive, has made the greatest progress and achievement in promoting the Association's aims and objectives during the past year.

Nominations: all branches are considered, without need for nomination.

History: The award consists of silver salver, donated to IWA by former national chairman David Stevenson, for the purpose, in 1998. 

Past Winners:

1999 IWA Oxfordshire Branch 
2000 IWA Ipswich Branch
2001 IWA Peterborough Branch
2002 IWA Stoke-on-Trent Branch
2003 IWA Lichfield Branch
2004 IWA Chester & District
2005 IWA Northampton Branch
2006 IWA North Lancashire & Cumbria Branch
2007 IWA Peterborough Branch
2008 IWA Ipswich Branch
2009 IWA Stoke-on-Trent Branch
2010 IWA Northampton Branch
2011 IWA Milton Keynes Branch
2012 IWA Warwickshire Branch
2013 IWA Chiltern Branch
2014 IWA Chester & Merseyside Branch
2015 IWA Lichfield Branch
2016 IWA Shrewsbury District & North Wales Branch
2017 IWA West Country Branch  
2018 IWA Northampton Branch
2019 IWA North Stafordshire & South Cheshire Branch

National Awards

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