Jerry Sanders - John Heap Salver

Criteria: For an IWA member who, in the opinion of the trustees, has made an outstanding contribution to raising funds for the Association.

Nomination: This is a nomination for a gentleman who has served IWA in many offices, from branch to National level over a significant number of years, and who has proved himself time and time again to have IWA engraved on his heart, and who has been responsible for raising significant amounts of money for the Association over a considerable number of years.

His time in the IWA is lengthy and varied, but it is for his efforts in IWA Festivals that this nomination is made. Over the last 15 years since 1995 Windmill End, supported by a significantly hard working team, he has gone out into the commercial world of both the waterway trade and the local population wherever the National Festival found itself, spreading the word and the vision of the IWA, inviting, harrying, pleading when necessary, persuading and cajoling their attendance at IWA events, specifically the IWA National but also for Canalway Cavalcade. In doing so he not only publicised the IWA at every opportunity but also maintained relationships between the Association and a huge variety of occupations and interests involving the movers and shakers in the waterway environment. Over this period it has got increasingly difficult to part people from their money, yet he has done so with increasing success, generally with a smile on his face, ensuring that the message went out that the advantages to their businesses of aligning themselves with IWA activities far outweighed the advantages of keeping money in the bank.

His highlight came in 2006 at Beale Park where he said he would retire if the Commercial Team achieved 300 exhibitors. He even put a shilling down to demonstarte his confidence of reaching the target. Despite all these incentives, the official figure mysteriously stopped at 299, denying him – or us -  this opportunity.
It is not an unreasonable estimate that over his 15 year period of being in charge of the Commercial effort for IWA Festivals, he – with his team - has been responsible for attracting at least £1.5 million into IWA coffers. Whilst this was not pure profit, and whilst there are costs associated with obtaining this income, this positive throughput of money in IWA coffers was hugely helpful to the running of the Association, and vital to the profitability of IWA festival activity as a whole.

In this year when the IWA National Festival has taken a holiday for the first time in almost 60 years, it is an excellent opportunity to highlight the efforts of the many and varied volunteers that have been involved.

I would like to nominate Jerry Sanders for the award of the John Heap Salver in 2012.

Ian West