Equipment and Trailer for Events

We have a trailer, which is available for use to all IWA branches and waterway societies. 

It provides equipment that you would need to set up, run, and clear an event of any size, as well as providing a marquee for the welfare of volunteers, with a catering kit for tea breaks or hot meals. It has tools, lamp irons, fencing, cable ties, marking out paint, litter picker, etc.

There is no charge for use at IWA events, but otherwise a donation towards its running costs would be appreciated. 


The trailer presently weighs 1700Kg, so a substantial car would be needed to tow it, such as a large saloon or 4x4. The towing vehicle must have trailer and 'occasional business use' insurance. Vehicles owned by IWA and WRG are insured to tow the trailer.  IWA has property insurance (excess £250) in place to cover loss or damage to the contents and the trailer itself.

The trailer is stored near Harlow and must normally be collected and returned there, dependant on other users. If you are unable to collect or return the trailer, it may be possible to move it for you, or meet half way. However expenses of £0.45 per mile for the full return journey would need to be reimbursed.

Please take care not to lose or damage the equipment, if this occurs there may be a charge to replace it.

Trailer Contents

  • The trailer has a 10m x 4m marquee, in which could be set up a field kitchen, and volunteer rest area.
  • It has all the equipment and catering kit to feed 30+ people hot meals, as well tea and coffee breaks. It also carries a cooker, and additional 4 ring hob burner, fridge, freezer, burco, kitchen sink, two trestle tables with wipeable tops. The sink and hob have flat pack stands in the trailer.
  • There is plenty of Personal Protection Equipment in the trailer including IWA Hi Vis, gloves, dust masks, ear defenders, life jackets and hard hats.
  • There is also a first aid kit, cleaning materials, mops, broom, litter pickers and some bin liners.
  • There are a few small tools, as well as sledge and lump hammers, spade, shovel, post bonker, lamp irons, buckets, marquee pins, traffic cones, and a fire hydrant stand with adaptors. There are also 4 WRG padlocks and chains.
  • Other event equipment include cable ties, hazard barrier tape, measuring tape and wheel, spray paint, marking pegs, fire bells, dog water bowls, tarpaulins, wipe boards, rope, duck tape and even string.
  • There are a limited number of event banners in the trailer, which are:
    • 1 Real ale bar
    • 1 Exhibition boats 3x1m
    • 1 Historic boats 3x1m
    • 1 Welcome with IWA logo.
    • 4 To the boats (square)
  • There are also 10 crates of corex signs, covering everything from fire points, fire exits, uneven ground. Full list of signs comes with the contents list. Larger signs can be removed if not needed. There are a number of posts to mount them on and fixings in the trailer.

For a detailed contents list please contact Dave Hearnden. Telephone 07961 922153 or email


All enquires for the use of the trailer should go to Dave Hearnden by telephone 07961 922153 or email