Organising Trailboat Festivals

IWA's National Trailboat Festivals are usually organised by groups with a strong interest in restoring and developing a local waterway or a feature on it, or promoting an under-used waterway.  Such organisations are invited by IWA to bid to organise one of these festivals as a means of increasing public support for their project and interest in the waterway.

Suitable organisations would be waterway restoration trusts and societies, local authorities, IWA branches, or other local interested groups, preferably a combination of these.  IWA can provide comprehensive organising advice and moral support, the use of IWA's name, and a little financial support (usually a grant of £1,000).

Trailboat Festivals are held on landlocked and isolated stretches of waterway, or too shallow for narrow boats.  More details can be found in the pdf document - 'Festivals Planning Basics'.

The planning manuals which are available to download, give an idea of what organisers would be committing to by taking on such an event.  Members of organising teams should print and read their own copies.




The documents below are listed in the order in which they are likely to be needed.

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