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Development Planning

The Development Planning system controls what is built and where, and what can be altered or demolished, and protects the built heritage and natural heritage of our landscape and wildlife.  It can have significant impacts or cumulative effects on the environment of the waterways.

In order to fulfil IWA’s aims on conservation and restoration, and to ensure the most appropriate development of the waterways and their surroundings, IWA needs to participate in and influence the planning system.

Practical advice on how to engage with the planning system was provided at the Joint IWA/CRT Planning Workshops held in October 2016.

Download the Practical Advice Notes (PDF)

The Localism Act and the National Planning Policy Framework

The passing of the Localism Act in November 2011 and the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework in March 2012 herald important changes to the Planning system in England. This Planning Update identifies the main provisions of the Localism Act and National Planning Policy Framework and comments on how these are likely to affect England’s Inland Waterways in future. Waterway–related points and key text is emboldened.

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The Localism Act 2011
The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

Key Elements of the NPPF:


Other Planning Information

Other useful planning information can be found on the Canal & River Trust website.

Get Advice

Contact our Planning Advisory Panel for advice on both restoration matters as well as operational waterways.

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Practical Advice Notes (PDF)

Complete planning guidance (PDF)

The Localism Act 2011
The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)