Supporting a Prosperous Rural Economy - NPPF

The NPPF is equally as assertive in relation to the countryside. One of its key requirements is as follows;-

“To promote a strong rural economy local and neighbourhood plans should:-

  • support the sustainable growth and expansion of all types of business and enterprise in rural areas, both through conversion of existing buildings and well designed new buildings;
  • promote the development and diversification of agricultural and other land-based rural businesses;
  • support sustainable rural tourism and leisure developments that benefit businesses in rural areas, communities and visitors, and which respect the character of the countryside. This should include supporting the provision and expansion of tourist and visitor facilities in appropriate locations where identified needs are not met by existing facilities in rural service centres; and
  • promote the retention and development of local services and community facilities in villages, such as local shops, meeting places, sports venues, cultural buildings, public houses and places of worship.”

The highlighted third bullet point has particular relevance to waterway interests.