IWA's Secret Code List

A&CN - Aire & Calder Navigation

ABP - Associated British Ports

ACA - Ashby Canal Association

ACS - Aylesbury Canal Society

AGM  - Annual General Meeting

AINA -  Association of Inland Navigation Authorities

AMP -  Asset Management Plan

AMS - Abstraction Management Strategy

AOD  -  Above Ordnance Datum

AONB  - Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

APCO  - Association of Pleasure Craft Operators

AWCC  - Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs

BA  -  The Broads Authority

BAP  -  Biodiversity Action Plan

BC  -  Borough Council

BCA  -  Basingstoke Canal Authority

BCN  -  Birmingham Canal Navigations

BCNS  - Birmingham Canal Navigations Society

BCS  -  Buckingham Canal Society

BCU -   British Canoe Union

BMF  -  British Marine Federation

BSS  -  Boat Safety Scheme

BTCV  -  British Trust for Conservation Volunteers

BW   -   British Waterways (now Canal & River Trust)

C&HN  -  Calder & Hebble Navigation

CAF -  Charities Aid Foundation

CAMS - Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy

CBA  -  Canal Boatbuilders Association / Community Boats Association

CBOA  - Commercial Boat Operators Association

CC  -  County Council

CCPR  - Central Council for Physical Recreation (now the Sport and Recreation Alliance)

CCW  -  Countryside Council for Wales

CDM  -  Construction (Design and Management) Regulations

CIRIA  -  Construction Industry Research and Information Association

CMP  -  Catchment Management Plan

CNS  -  Calder Navigation Society

COIF -  Charities Official Investment Fund

COLREGS -  International regulations for preventing collisions at sea

COSHH  -  Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations

CPRE  -  Council for the Protection of Rural England

CRB  -   Canal & Riverboat magazine

CRT  -  Canal & River Trust

cSAC  -   candidate Special Area of Conservation

DBA  -  Dutch Barge Association (also known as DBA - The Barge Association)

DC  -  District Council

DCMS  -  Department for Media, Culture & Sport

DCT  -   Droitwich Canals Trust (now closed down)

DEFRA  -  Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

DN   -     Driffield Navigation

DNAA  -  Driffield Navigation Amenities Association

DTI  -   Department of Trade & Industry

EA   -    Environment Agency

EAF  -   Environment Action Fund

EAWA  -  East Anglian Waterways Association

EBA    -   European Boating Association / Electric Boat Association

EC   -   European Community

ECPDA  -  Erewash Canal Preservation & Development Association

EH  -   English Heritage

ERSTU  -   European River Sea Transport Union

ETRAC  -  Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee

EU  -    European Union

F & GP  -  IWA’s Finance & General Purposes Committee (now Finance Committee)

FFG   -   Freight Facilities Grant

FWAG   -   Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

GCBS   -   General Council for British Shipping

GCRS   -  Grantham Canal Restoration Society

GDO  -    General Development Order

GMDSS   -  Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

GOBA  -   Great Ouse Boating Association

GUC   -   Grand Union Canal

H&GCT -  Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust

HCS   -    Huddersfield Canal Society

HLF   -     Heritage Lottery Fund

HNBC - Historic Narrow Boat Club

HNBOC  -   Historic Narrow Boat Owners Club (now changed to HNBC)

HSE   -  Health and Safety Executive

IDB  -   Internal Drainage Board

INA  -   International Navigation Association

IPC   -    Integrated Pollution Control

IWA  -  The Inland Waterways Association

IWAC - The Inland Waterways Advisory Council (1st April 2007 until 2nd Aug 2012, now closed)

IWAAC   -   The Inland Waterways Amenity Advisory Council (until 31st March 2007)

IWAI   -   Inland Waterways Association of Ireland

IWFG  -   IWA's Inland Waterways Freight Group

IWI  -   Inland Waterways International

IWPS -  Inland Waterways Protection Society

K&ACT  -  Kennet & Avon Canal Trust

LA21   -  Local Agenda 21

LAMS  -  Local Abstraction Management Strategy

LANT  -   Lower Avon Navigation Trust (now merged with UANT to form Avon Navigation Trust)

LCT    -    Lancaster Canal Trust / Lapal Canal Trust

L&HCRT   -  Lichfield & Hatherton Canals Restoration Trust

L&L   -   Leeds & Liverpool Canal

LEAP  -   Local Environment Agency Plan (no longer current)

LNR  -    Local Nature Reserve

LPG  -   liquefied petroleum gas

LRA  -   London Rivers Association

MAFF  -   (the former) Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

MB&ACT  -  Monmouthshire, Brecon & Abergavenny Canals Trust

MB&BCS  -  Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal Society

MCA  -   Maritime and Coastguard Agency

MLC  -  Middle Level Commissioners

MoU   -  Memorandum of Understanding

MSCC   -  Manchester Ship Canal Company

MWRT  -   Montgomery Waterway Restoration Trust

NABO  -   National Association of Boat Owners

nb   -   narrow boat

NBS  -   National Boat Shows Ltd

NCVO  -   National Council for Voluntary Organisations

NFA  -   National Federation of Anglers

NGO  -   Non-Governmental Organisation

NINF  -   National Inland Navigation Forum

NNR  -    National Nature Reserve

NRA  -  National Rivers Authority (now part of Environment Agency)

NT    -     The National Trust

NWRDF -  IWA’s National Waterway Restoration & Development Fund (no longer in existence)

OUCS  -   Old Union Canals Society

PCAS  -    Pocklington Canal Amenity Society

PIANC  -   Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses

PLA   -  Port of London Authority

PPG  -   Planning Policy Guidance / Pollution Prevention Guidelines

PWG  -   Parliamentary Waterways Group

R&D  -   research and development

RBOA  -  Residential Boat Owners Association

RCD  -    Recreational Craft Directive

RCHS   -  Railway & Canal Historical Society

Res Com  -  IWA’s Restoration Committee

RFERAC   -   Regional Fisheries Ecology & Recreation Advisory Committee (EA - now abolished)

RLT  -   Ribble Link Trust

RoSPA   -  Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

RQO  -   river quality objective

RSPB  -   Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

RST  -   River Stour Trust

RYA  -   Royal Yachting Association

S&HCS  -   Surrey & Hants Canal Society

S&SYN  -   Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigation

S&WCS  -  Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal Society

SAC  -   Special Area of Conservation

SAM  -   Scheduled Ancient Monument

SCARS  -   Sankey Canal Restoration Society

SEPA   -   Scottish Environment Protection Agency

SIWA   -    Scottish Inland Waterways Association

SNCI  -   Site of Nature Conservation Importance

SNH   -   Scottish National Heritage

SNRT  -   Severn Navigation Restoration Trust

SOLAS  -   The international saving of life at sea regulations

SPA   -     Special Protection Area

SSSI   -    Site of Special Scientific Interest

STW   -      Sewage Treatment Works

SUCS  -   Shropshire Union Canal Society

T&MCS  -   Trent & Mersey Canal Society

TAG  -   Towpath Action Group / Track Access Grant

TBA  -   The Boating Association (formerly Trent Boating Association)

TBTA  -   Thames Boating Trades Association

THCA  -    Thames Hire Cruiser Association

TWT   -    The Waterways Trust

UANT  -   Upper Avon Navigation Trust (now merged with LANT to form the Avon Navigation Trust)

UK    -     United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

VAT   -    value added tax

VHF  -    very high frequency

VTS  -     Vessel Traffic Services

WACT   -   Wey & Arun Canal Trust

WAT   -    Wendover Arm Trust

WBCT  -    Wilts & Berks Canal Trust

WLMP  -    Water Level Management Plan

WRG  -    Waterway Recovery Group

WfA   -   Waterways for All

WfY   -    Waterways for Youth

WoW  -   Wild over Waterways

WW  -    Waterways World magazine