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The Value of Inland Waterways

- A Literature Review and Scoping Report

This valuable resource brings together many previously written reports looking at the value of inland waterways. It also summarises a range of existing and planned research into themes relevant to waterways; Heritage, Green Infrastructure, Health & Wellbeing and Economic Development & Regeneration. It is useful for anyone looking to evidence the benefits that a waterway can bring to an area, providing links to the facts and figures necessary to lobby planners and policymakers. Read the full report for a detailed insight, or the overview and summary of findings and recommendations at the start of the document. This work, published in October 2019, was commissioned to inform future IWA strategy and focus.

Read the Value of Inland Waterways report .pdf (3MB) or alternatively read online at

Waterways in Progress

Waterways in Progress is a report published in 2019 by IWA's Restoration Hub in conjunction with members of the Hub's High Level  Panel of restoration movement representatives. 

Using case studies from across the UK network, from canals both restored and still striving towards completion, Waterways in Progress seeks to spell out how well thought-out, partial restoration initiatives can start to deliver right from Day One. 

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IWA's Vision for London

This Report published in 2019 sets out our vision for the 145 miles of navigable waterways in London.  It has been produced to highlight the specific issues for waterways users in the capital, which, given the relatively small geographical area and the huge demad, are more keenly felt in London than elsewhere in the UK. 

Read the full report here as a .pdf or alternatively see the report in book format on

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