About Us....

IWA is a national charity run by volunteers , and has about 16,000 members whose interests include boating, towpath walking, industrial archaeology, nature conservation and many other activities associated with the inland waterways.  

Our Vision

A widely-appreciated and well-maintained network of inland waterways available for the benefit of all.

Our Purpose

To ensure the inland waterways of England and Wales are restored and maintained to the best possible standards, and kept accessible for the benefit of all people.

Our Mission  

  • To advocate the restoration, conservation, good maintenance and sensitive development of the inland waterways of England and Wales, including the structures and buildings of the waterways that are an integral part of the waterway environment.
  • To encourage the fullest use of the inland waterways for recreation and commerce in so far as that is commensurate with their preservation, the maintenance and improvement of their historic and natural environment and the enjoyment of others.
  • To educate everyone about the use and benefits of the inland waterways by means of publications (both printed and electronic), practical examples to demonstrate benefits and participative activities.