Lichfield Lines

Lichfield Lines is the newsletter of IWA Lichfield Branch.

It is produced 4 times a year to keep members informed about our forthcoming public meetings, walks, work parties and other activities, to provide reports on recent meetings and events, and to include articles of general interest to our members.

The editor, Peter Gurney, welcomes articles, letters or photographs of waterway activities in our Branch area which can be emailed to (Please note there is a 10MB limit for emails with photos as attachments sent via this adddress).

Copy Date
The next copy date for contributions will be 15th April 2020, for publication by May.

Email Copies
If you currently receive Lichfield Lines by post but would be happy to have future copies sent instead by email link, please inform the Membership Dept at

This saves IWA printing and postage costs and enables the Branch to do more to support local waterways.


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LL30 Cover

Issue 30
Winter 2020

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LL26 Cover LL27 Cover LL28 Cover LL29 Cover
Issue 26
Winter 2019

Issue 27
Spring 2019

Issue 28
Summer 2019

Issue 29
Autumn 2019

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LL22 Cover LL23 Cover LL24 Cover LL25 Cover
Issue 22
Winter 2018
Issue 23
Spring 2018

Issue 24
Summer 2018

Issue 25
Autumn 2018
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LL18 cover Lichfield Lines 9 cover LL20 cover LL21 Cover
Issue 18
Winter 2017
Issue 19
Spring 2017

Issue 20
Summer 2017

Issue 21
Autumn 2017

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Lichfield Lines 14 cover LL15 cover LL16 cover Lichfield Lines 17 cover
Issue 14
Winter 2016

Spring 2016

Issue 16
Summer 2016

Issue 17
Autumn 2016
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Lichfield Lines 10 cover

Lichfield Lines 11 cover page

Lichfield Lines 12 cover

Lichfield Lines 13 cover

Issue 10
Winter 2015

Issue 11
Spring 2015

Issue 12
Summer 2015

Issue 13
Autumn 2015

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Lichfield Lines 7 cover page

 Lichfield Lines Issue 8 cover

 Lichfield Lines 9 cover

Issue 6
Winter 2014

Issue 7
Spring 2014

Issue 8
Summer 2014

Issue 9
Autumn 2014

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Download pdf

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LL2 cover Lichfield Lines 3 cover LL4 cover
Issue 2
Winter 2012
Issue 3
Spring 2013

Issue 4
Summer 2013

Issue 5
Autumn 2013

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Download pdf 

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Lichfield Lines is posted or emailed to about 400 Branch members.  It can also be read and downloaded by anyone from the Branch website pages.
If you would like to publicise your waterway related business to our members, and others that read the newsletter online, we can offer advertising space at the following rates:

Full Page - £20 per issue
Half Page - £10 per issue

Please contact the editor to discuss artwork and layout.

By advertising you will help to sponsor IWA's charitable activities and reach potential customers who are all committed to the waterways.