The planning system controls what can be built and where, and what is demolished or altered, and protects our built heritage and natural heritage of landscape and wildlife.  It can have significant impacts or cumulative effects on the structure and environment of our waterways.

In order to fulfil our aims on conservation and restoration and to ensure the most appropriate development of the waterways and their surroundings, IWA engages with and seeks to influence the planning system.

Planning in Lichfield Branch

Lichfield Branch deals with all planning matters affecting the waterways in our area.  These include local authorities' development plans, planning applications, and the plans of some other bodies and agencies.

On average, we are consulted on, consider and respond to over 200 planning matters each year, about half of which are planning applications.  Relevant applications are those concerning, adjacent to, or potentially affecting the waterways through visual impact or in other ways.

The area of the Branch and the sections of waterways covered can be seen under Branch Area.

The 14 main local planning authorities we cover, in whole or in part, are:

Staffordshire CC
    Stafford BC
    South Staffordshire DC
    Cannock Chase DC
    Lichfield DC
    East Staffordshire BC
    Tamworth BC

Warwickshire CC
    North Warwickshire BC
    Nuneaton & Bedworth BC

Leicestershire CC
    Hinckley & Bosworth BC
    North West Leicestershire DC

Walsall MBC

In addition, the waterways in our area include small parts of Birmingham CC, Sandwell MBC and Rugby BC.  We also respond to relevant parts of West Midlands regional consultations.


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Planning Summaries

To see a summary of all the planning matters dealt with each month, click the links below.

Alternatively, you can read a quarterly roundup of the more notable ones in the Planning Matters report in our newsletter Lichfield Lines.

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Planning Notes 2010

For further information on these matters, or to discuss current consultations, contact our Planning Officer, Philip Sharpe via or 01889 583330.

Members can assist by letting us know about any significant planning applications affecting waterways in their area as we are not always consulted and may not be aware of local concerns.