Sir Tony Robinson Supports Canal Restoration Campaign

Sir Tony Robinson Supports Canal Restoration Campaign

10 July 2014

Sir Tony Robinson is backing a canal restoration campaign to encourage more people to engage with derelict canals across the country.

IWA is working alongside Canal & River Trust (CRT) in this campaign and both organisations want to see more people involved in waterway restoration, which, as a recent study by the University of Northampton illustrates, benefits communities both economically and socially.

The campaign hopes to provide more information on waterways under restoration so that the public can learn about the history of these navigations.

IWA hopes that this will lead to a greater engagement with local waterway restoration projects. IWA has put together a selection of resources for use on such projects by local restoration groups. Additionally, IWA can provide support through its Waterway Recovery Group (WRG), which provides canal restoration opportunities for volunteers.

At the height of the Industrial Revolution, the country had a waterway network of over 5,000 miles. However, with the growth of the rail and road networks the use of canals declined and their upkeep was neglected. In the 1960s and ’70s volunteers began work to restore various waterways and this continues today.

Find out more about CRT’s support for waterways restoration.

Find out more about IWA’s Waterway Recovery Group’s work to restore waterways and how you can get involved.

Photo: Sir Tony Robinson (photo by Walking Through History)

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