CRT Launches Water Resources Consultation

CRT Launches Water Resources Consultation

10 September 2014

On 9th September, Canal & River Trust (CRT) launched a consultation about how it plans to manage essential water resources over the next 35 years.
CRT announced that its hydrology experts are working on a strategy to ensure that its waterway network can meet the challenges of the future and have water where it is needed up to 2050 and beyond. As part of the strategy development, CRT is keen to hear from people and businesses that use the waterways to help provide guidance and practical advice on the strategy.
It is the first time that the CRT has consulted in this way on water resources issues and it wants to seek people’s views on a range of issues including:

  • Reliability of water supply and the CRT’s approach of managing water so that drought closures are implemented, on average, less than once every twenty years.
  • Potential costs of changing this approach to achieve even greater reliability.
  • The possible impact of future pressures such as climate change, funding and changing boating patterns.
  • Assessing the water resource requirements of restoration schemes and new canals.
  • Proposals for managing dredging, side ponds and dealing with lock leakage.

CRT plans to use the responses received during the eight-week consultation to help shape its Water Resources Strategy, which should be published later this year. The strategy is to be reviewed every five years to take account of any changes that may affect either the supply or demand for water.  
The full consultation including the survey and a summary, can be found at CRT’s website. Responses to the consultation must be submitted by 4th November 2014.

Photo: Cropredy Lock, Oxford Canal (Roy Heatley)

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