HS2 Ltd Publishes List of Additional Provisions

HS2 Ltd Publishes List of Additional Provisions

06 October 2014

HS2 Ltd has published on behalf of the Promoter a list of additional provisions to those already in the Hybrid Bill. These were published in national newspapers and on the internet via HS2 Ltd’s website in September, and comprise ‘55 generally minor amendments to the design of the original scheme’, identified as a result of:

  • Further discussions with landowners and occupiers;
  • Design refinements; and
  • Changes to accommodate the requirements of utility undertakers.

These amendments require the use of land outside the original limits of the Bill, additional access rights, or other extensions of the powers conferred by the Bill, making it necessary to submit an Additional Provision (AP) to the Bill. This group of Additional Provisions were submitted to Parliament on 10th September, with an Environmental Statement covering the environmental impact due to these changes. Challenges to the AP’s can be made by depositing a petition to the Select Committee on HS2, by October 17th 2014, and response to the Environmental Statement (ES) Consultation via the government website by Friday 14th November 2014.

The amendments to the design include:

  • Utilities requirements: the project affects a number of electricity, gas, fuel and fibre optic lines provided by utility companies either in, or above the ground. Since Bill deposit a number of utility companies have refined their requirements and so changes to the design of these works are needed.
  • Access arrangements: amendments to the locations, alignments and/or width of some access tracks proposed by the original scheme. These tracks are required to provide private access to properties and agricultural holdings; access to undertake utility diversions; and to facilitate construction and/or maintenance of HS2 infrastructure (e.g. balancing ponds, areas where new habitats will be created and auto-transformer stations);
  • Roads and Public Rights of Way: changes to the locations of temporary diversions or permanent realignments;
  • Balancing ponds: the relocation of one of the balancing ponds; and
  • Mitigation habitats: the relocation of one of the proposed habitat mitigation areas.

These amendments affect Community Forum Areas (CFAs) 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, and 26. Within these CFAs, only two have amendments that affect inland waterways, neither change the impact of HS2 on the canal, therefore IWA does not plan to respond.

Find out more about these two amendments in IWA's HS2 section of the website.

Find out more about the Additional Provisions and how to petition at the HS2 website.

Read the full ES consultation at the Gov.uk website.

Photo: Birmingham & Fazeley Canal, Curdworth Locks (photo by Phil Sharpe)

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