Canal & River Trust Consultation on Mooring Sales

Canal & River Trust Consultation on Mooring Sales

07 October 2014

Canal & River Trust (CRT) is inviting people to take part in a consultation about how it sells its long-term moorings.

The consultation will focus on the way the CRT prices, allocates and sells its long-term moorings. Proposed changes aim to give customers a greater range of mooring options including flexible permit lengths. Currently, the majority of CRT's mooring vacancies are publicised and sold by auction via a mooring sales website.

The All Party Parliamentary Waterways Group published a report in September 2014, which highlighted concerns over the socio-economic inclusiveness of auctioning moorings off to the highest bidder. The Group recommended that the policy should be reviewed to encourage more diversity on the Waterways. See full APPWG Report as well as a summary of APPWG Report.

The Trust is not proposing to go back to a waiting list arrangement for allocating moorings, nor to remove the auction system completely.

The consultation runs from Monday 6th October through to Monday 3rd November and the document can be viewed on CRT's website. Comments and views should be submitted by email to

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