CRT Announces Proposals for Further Stoppages on the Rochdale Canal

CRT Announces Proposals for Further Stoppages on the Rochdale Canal

20 November 2014

Canal & River Trust (CRT) has announced that it plans to instigate additional stoppages on the Rochdale Canal and has asked canal users to submit comments on the proposed dates.

CRT has acknowledged that over the summer locks 2 and 92 on the Rochdale Canal have become increasingly difficult to use. Lock 2 has a problem with the cill floor, the Trust believes it has heaved, so struggles to retain water and this causes operational problems. Water loss at Lock 92 has become much worse in the latter part of the season to the extent that CRT has received reports that some people have been unable to use the lock.

To fix these locks, CRT wants to add a stoppage at each location this winter, in addition to those already planned, to avoid further problems next year. The Rochdale Canal stoppage included in the original winter works plane was for January/February time to allow grouting work at Lock 8. CRT would like to move this stoppage to be concurrent with these additional works but cannot guarantee this will be possible. CRT has acknowledged that the addition of long-term stoppages is undesirable after the consultation and work that goes into the winter stoppage plan ahead of its release. However, it has said that it is sometimes not possible to anticipate all the work that will be needed to keep the network running when plans are made so far in advance.

CRT now seeks the views of canal users on the proposed stoppage. The Trust would like to know:

  • Would a stoppage in January or March be best?
  • How would you be affected by the stoppage?

Please consider the possibility of stoppages lasting around four weeks in each case and email your comments to, or phone CRT’s office at Red Bull on 0303 040 4040. CRT has said it is happy to discuss the works in more detail and ask for those interested to get in touch with the administration team via the above details, who can arrange for customers to be called back. All comments must be submitted by 30th November 2014.

CRT also plans to implement a series of short-term restrictions for the Canal to carry out works that it feels will benefit the general operation. These will be advertised through CRT's stoppage notices and the Trust does not expect them to cause undue delay.

Photo: Rochdale Canal Sowerby Bridge Above 2nd Lock (photo by Tim Lewis)

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