Update on the Elvington Lock Campaign

Update on the Elvington Lock Campaign

30 January 2015

IWA has been involved with further meetings and discussions that have taken place about the current closure of Elvington Lock on the River Derwent, following the Environment Agency’s (EA) decision to close the lock in February 2014 due to concerns about the structural integrity of the guillotine top gate. IWA was concerned at the loss of a six-mile stretch of the connected inland waterway network, which has left a number of boats stranded upstream, and instigated discussions in order to get the lock brought back into use.  

IWA representatives have held further meetings with EA and other interested parties and have now had sight of the structural survey on the lock, which identifies what repairs are required. IWA is pleased to be able to report that EA has agreed, in principle, to progress initial repairs to the guillotine top gate, subject to IWA developing a proposal to repair or replace the wooden mitre gates at the downstream end of the lock. Discussions continue with the owners of the bottom gates in order to find a suitable way forward.  

For further background information download and read IWA’s position paper (PDF, 1.2MB).

Photo: Unable to reach its home mooring, this boat waits below Elvington Lock until the lock is repaired

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