Help Keep WRG on the Move - £120,000 Van Appeal

Help Keep WRG on the Move - £120,000 Van Appeal

01 May 2015

IWA has launched an appeal to help its Waterway Recovery Group (WRG) raise £120,000 to buy four new vans to replace its current aged fleet.

WRG’s existing vans have been in operation for around eight years, and have provided vital support on many waterways restoration projects. In this time, the vans have covered over 400,000 miles, the equivalent of travelling around the world sixteen times! Having been worked hard it is now time to retire the vehicles so that a new generation of vans can help a new generation of volunteers deliver restoration projects on the UK’s waterways.

The unmistakable red vans have played a crucial role in a number of projects including the restoration of the Hanbury Flight and Barge Lock on the Droitwich Canals in the Midlands and the construction of Over Basin on the Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal. This summer they will be busy helping WRG to support the restoration of Bowbridge Lock on the Cotswold Canals and to repair and rebuild Bridges 41 and 62 on the Ashby Canal. Along the way they will be ferrying equipment and volunteers to many other canal camps and weekend digs throughout the year.

Chairman of WRG Mike Palmer said "WRG vans have been a vital part of our operations since the very beginning. Without them we wouldn’t be able to get the right materials and the right people to where they are needed most. We’re so grateful to our existing transport but we now need to replace them with something more reliable. We’re asking for your support to help us continue to restore our waterways so that they can be used and appreciated for generations".

You can support the appeal by making a donation or getting involved in the events and activities planned for the coming months. More details are available at the Van Appeal web pages.

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