Canal & River Trust Announces Publication of New Licence Terms and Conditions

Canal & River Trust Announces Publication of New Licence Terms and Conditions

01 May 2015

IWA, Residential Boat Owners Association and Association of Waterways Cruising Clubs, as well as CRT's Navigation Advisory Group, have said they support changes announced by CRT to the terms and conditions of its boat licences, which come into effect from 1st May 2015.
CRT has said that the changes are intended to provide greater clarity, so that all boaters know what is expected, and can be clear about what they are signing up to. The revised terms and conditions take into account feedback received from boaters following publication of the draft changes.
Ian Rogers, Head of Customer Service at CRT, comments “There have been boat licence terms and conditions in, more or less, this form since at least the early 1970s, and they have been through many revisions over the years to keep up with changing times.
We believe that most boaters accept that we need a clear and effective approach to manage and operate the waterways so that everyone can enjoy them, being fair to all users. It is up to the Trust to make clear what is expected of all boaters when they come on to the system, and this is what the terms and conditions set out to do.
We have listened to the feedback we've had, and have modified the changes we are making in a few areas.  We will continue to listen to our users and to be as clear as we can about what we require from boaters, given our understanding of the law, so that we make it possible for as many people as possible to enjoy the waterways - whilst we also invest increasing amounts in their care.
Les Etheridge, IWA National Chairman said, “IWA wants to see the waterways managed so that everybody gets a fair chance to enjoy them and we recognise the need for changes to CRT's terms and conditions to help them achieve this.

The Residential Boat Owners’ Association said “RBOA welcomes these changes to the terms and conditions which we believe will help the Trust to manage the waterways effectively for the benefit of all compliant users.

The latest amendments made, together with the finalised licence terms and conditions are available at CRT’s website.

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