CRT Trials New Options for Winter Mooring Permits

CRT Trials New Options for Winter Mooring Permits

10 October 2013

During winter many Continuous Cruisers choose to keep their boat in one place by purchasing a winter mooring permit between November and March.  This year, Canal & River Trust is trialling a range of new options.

As in previous years, the Trust is offering winter moorings at some visitor mooring sites.  In addition, the Trust offers a cheaper general towpath mooring permit, which will allow boaters the flexibility of mooring anywhere on the towpath for a month or more, with the exception of visitor moorings and a few other local sites.  Additionally, in London, four central mooring sites have been developed that the Trust hopes will work better for boaters in the region.

Winter mooring permits will be available for periods of five months, three months or one month, starting on the first day of the month. Continuous Cruisers were able to book five month winter mooring permits from 3rd October. Three month and one month permits will be available from 15th October and 1st November respectively.  Other boaters will be able to secure winter moorings at selected visitor sites from 1st November.  The number of visitor moorings sites used as winter moorings is fewer than in previous years, as the Trust has focused on the most popular sites and reduced the number of less well-used sites. 

CRT winter mooring permits are available from the moorings section of CRT's website and more information, including prices, can be found on the CRT winter moorings page.

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